ISOmaX Development-Kit

The ISOmaX Development Kit is a programming box for interested farmers, implement producers, educational and research institutions and all other actors in agricultural engineering that is designed to actively help to promote innovation and make ISOBUS development a matter for endusers. With the Dev-Kit, development costs can be reduced by more than 90 %.

The kit includes the ECU, a cable from the ECU to the machine, and the corresponding programming environment. Both, the driver of the CCI (C) or the ISOAgLib (C++) can be used to program solutions.

To encourage innovation in educational institutions, each pupil, student, trainee and university or other institution pays only half the price for the Development Kit (900€ net, instead of 1800€ net).

Technical Specifications

  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n; with 4x virtual Wi-Fi interface
  • Bluetooth Classic & Bluetooth Low Energy
  • CAN
  • Dual-core processor with computing power and Flash & Ram equipment significantly above previous ISOBUS standard
  • MEMS sensor
  • High Speed ISOBUS (HSI) Standard prepared
  • Updateable to TIM
  • ISOBUS Class 3 ready
  • Certified ISOBUS UI
  • Web server for access with e.g. Smartphone

ISOMAX Development-Kit Factsheet

Further information can be found in our factsheet.